20” Zildjian Amir Impulse China (Boy) € 100

20” Amir Zildjian China

Impulse line



logos nearly gone

vintage ‘80s

“Paiste made the Rude series to please the likes of Alex Van Halen, so Zildjian had to come up with their own version.

Weighing some 2625g, this Original Impulse 20” China sounds aggressive and metallic, with a long aftertaste. And as you can see, this Impulse is not shaved but hammered, which gives it more strength.

This beautiful 80s Amir Impulse is a no-brainer for rock, punk, funk, heavier styles and whenever you need some heavy China.

So do yourself a favor and grab this Paiste Rude inspired Zildjian 20″ Impulse Series China (Boy).

Note: Zildjian doesn’t make something like that anymore… unfortunately”




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