20” Zildjian Amir China Boy

20” Zildjian China Boy


Amir Series

vintage pre -serial

The Amir is a non-cast, professional cymbal with the more metallic sound preferred by some drummers. Amir cymbals are the result of Zildjian Sound Lab design technology and research into special alloys. Each one projects a clear, bright, controlled sound with fast decay for use on stage and in the studio. The focused energy of Amir cymbals delivers a lightning-fast attack with contoured overtones that decay quickly and smoothly for optimum miking. The Amir Power Hi-hats feature semi-circular notches cut out of the edge of the bottom cymbal for a short, powerful, metallic “chip” sound. Amirs are made to Zildjian’s most exacting standards and are far more durable than other non-cast cymbals.


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