14” Zildjian I Trash Crash / Trash Hihat top

14” Zildjian I cymbal

Trash Crash OR Trash Hihat top

Ideal for adding a unique texture to any setup. The Zildjian I Family 14” Trash Crash Cymbal features a B8 bronze construction, offering a bright tone with exceptional durability and versatility. The patterned holes provide a shorter sustain making it perfect for adding a fast effect sound to your mix. This Trash Crash has a 14” diameter, providing a sharp volume with immediate projection, producing a trashy sound with focused high frequencies. In addition to this, the 14” diameter adds versatility, allowing you to use the cymbal as an effect cymbal or a hi-hat topper.
The thin weight offers a more focused tone which is ideal for bringing out the classic trashy sound. The I Family Trash Crash is a perfect addition for any drummer requiring a distorted, enthusiastic boost to their mix.


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