14” Firchie Time Machine Snare Drum

14” Firchie Time Machine Snare Drum
Roto Tuning Circa 1992 RARE USA

The Firchie Drum combines a free-floating, seamless aluminum shell and a rotational tensioning system. The concept is that the entire drum can be rotated on its stand to proportionally increase or decrease the tension of both the top and bottom heads-thus raising or lowering the pitch of the drum. The sound of the drum can literally be changed from that of a piccolo to that of a 10″ deep drum (or anywhere in between) in seconds. This eliminates the need for several snare drums in a studío situation, and makes the drum extremely versatile for use on a live gig.

– Super fast rotational tuning on both heads

– Absolutely even tuning on both heads – Incredibly loud and responsive at any pitch

– Double throw off system for three quick snare tension options

– The only seamless aluminum free floating shell in the world

– Memorize your tension position with a marker on top head for instant recall of sounds

– Release counterclockwise after playing to avoid head fatigue

– Built with care using the best chrome plated brass lugs and solid casted brass rim.



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